Case Studies

OpenX für eBay Kleinanzeigen

eBay Kleinanzeigen trade 95% of its inventory via programmatic channels. Read more about how OpenX’s Bidder solution has significantly increased revenues and improved operational efficiencies for this international media company.

OpenX and TellApart Team Up to Improve Traffic Quality

In 2013, TellApart noticed some anomalies as they reviewed inventory purchased from the OpenX Ad Exchange. After sharing their findings with the OpenX Marketplace Quality team, they joined together to improve the marketplace.

OpenX Brings New Buyers and Lower CPAs for ConvertMedia and its Clients

ConvertMedia sought to provide more reliable and effective results for its clients. ConvertMedia chose to partner with OpenX due to its commitment to trustworthy and high-quality publishers and supply sources. The partnership has helped ConvertMedia increase their business by delivering better results.

Chitika Continues Expansion into Programmatic Buying with OpenX Partnership

Chitika sought to expand its advertising portfolio by developing programmatic buying division in 2012. To enhance its existing services, the company turned to OpenX to provide quality inventory, control and accurate placement. One of its largest campaigns saw daily revenues jump 500 percent when OpenX was added to the supply mix and generated an average click-through rate twice as high as other supply sources.

REV New Media Doubles eCPMs

REV New Media needed a strategic consultant to help optimize their campaigns.

The company implemented the OpenX Ad Serving platform and within 5 months, eCPMs across REV New Media sites increased by 100%.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Doubles Revenue and Boosts CPMs Over 400%

JSOnline partnered with an SSP, but received very low CPMs, creating extra work and delivering modest revenue.

After testing the OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market) in a 30-day trial, sending the exact inventory it previously sent to its SSP, JSOnline’s CPMs leaped from $0.75 to $1.30 and leaderboard CPMs soared to $1.29 – a 400% increase.

Running Network Chooses OpenX Ad Server (formerly OpenX Enterprise)

The Running Network, a leading sports destination, struggled to manage their ad business efficiently across their 23 different sites. But after upgrading to OpenX Enterprise, they dramatically simplified their ad trafficking and reporting. Their ad team now has more time to create custom proposals for big brands like Nike & Brooks.

CPMs Increase 68% with OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market)

Patient Conversation Media, Inc. operates a national network of virtual health care sites with 10 million unique users and 220 impressions per month.

Patient Conversation Media upgraded to the OpenX Enterprise ad server for its sophisticated targeting capabilities and when the company plugged into OpenX Market, they saw a 68% lift in CPMs.

Healthy Competition Quadruples Lycos Yields thanks to OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market)

Lycos, one of the original Internet brands, has evolved from a search engine into a comprehensive network of social sites. In 2009, Lycos adopted OpenX Enterprise as its ad server and recently began selling non-guaranteed inventory through OpenX Market.

“Within two months our CPMs grew from $0.25 to well over a dollar. Some days CPMs are $2.00 and in select placements, we see $3.75,” said Kristyn Lyons, Ad Ops Manager at Lycos.

Engagement Rates Double with OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market)

EyeCue Digital, a niche ad network, helps global brands reach their target audiences. When their clients bought video ads, success is measured by the number of engagements – the number of users who play a video for five or more seconds. Prior to OpenX, engagement rates for these types of brand campaigns hovered in the 20 – 25% range. But when EyeCue Digital began buying inventory through the OpenX Ad Exchange, engagement rates shot up – often topping 80%.

DixCom Attracts Big Buyers with OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market)

DixCom, a 100 year old media company operating local newspapers, first selected OpenX Enterprise for ad serving. Then, when they integrated with OpenX Market, a global pool of advertisers started bidding for their non-guaranteed inventory. The result: DixCom doubled their revenue.

“I fully expect our CPMs to continue to rise,” said Mr. Dix, President of DixCom Internet.

OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market) Maximizes Ad Revenue for Breaking Media

Breaking Media is the parent company of AboveTheLaw. com,, and, attracting 2.2 million unique readers per month. When Breaking Media sent inventory to OpenX Market, CPMs soared.

Then OpenX approached Breaking Media with a compelling proposition: send us your unsold inventory, and we’ll give you a revenue guarantee for it…

Mobile App Platform succeeds with OpenX Ad Server (formerly OpenX Enterprise)

When launching Blu Trumpet – a monetization and distribution platform for mobile apps – the team knew it was critical to find a powerful ad-server they could build on, as well as a nimble technology partner. Impressed with OpenX Enterprise’s comprehensive technology, Blu Trumpet found a perfect fit. By selecting Enterprise as their ad server, Blu Trumpet used the flexible API and customized data logs to create a completely branded experience for their customers.